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No doubt you will have heard a number of your friends and family who swear by Forever Living...


Transform you body and Wellbeing today call to discuss how we can help get you in your favourite dress!


L&J Hair Studio are official suppliers of the ground breaking "Forever Living" products and we provide consult on products alongside nutrition and fitness advice from our studio.


No doubt you will have heard of the wonders of "Clean 9" and other superb products produced by Forever Living. Having tried the products ourselves, we can 100% promote the products as well as give our personal experience.


Aloe Vera is a wonder plant whether you use it as a vital ingrediant in beauty products or it is consumed as a dietart supplement. Aloe Vera is a hot fertile region plan, but it is now cultivated in most parts of the world.


its is found to be full of 200 components, which includes some B Vitamins, like B12, and most amino acids, iron, manganese, calcium, zinc, enzymes etc.


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